Frequently Asked Question

How long before I can get a quote?

We will email you a quote 24-48 hours after the inspection date.

Or we can send you a comprehensive quote without a site visit after receiving the details below:

Current photos of the pool, Dimensions: Length, Width and Depth of deepest and shallow end.

What is included in the quote?

The cost to repair or resurface the pool, work schedule and terms and conditions.

How long is the quote valid?

The quote is valid for 30 days.

Do I need to pay for a quote?

Quotes for resurfacing projects within the Perth Metro Area are free. Ask our friendly team for information on site inspections needed outside of the Perth Metro Area.

Should I empty my fibreglass pool before you resurface it?

No. Emptying your pool without proper structural support or braces can severely affect your pool’s structure. We will take care of bracing and emptying your pool for you.

Should I empty my concrete pool before you resurface it?

No. Emptying your concrete pool for an extended period may cause damage to the pool’s surface. It is expected that when the pool is drained or partially drained and weather exposed, the plaster is subject to a certain level and degree of temperature and humidity, and the plaster temperature changes too much too fast as it will expand and contract at a different rate than the substrate/base create. This causes the plaster to detach and loosens the bond between the substrate and plaster. And consequently, the spalling, bubbles and cracks will develop on the pool”s surface.

Do you offer a warranty on your pool resurfacing projects?

We offer a six-year structural and one-year cosmetic warranty. Please request that one of our friendly team send you the terms and conditions of our warranty.

When can I get my pool resurfaced or repaired?

One of our friendly team will contact you after you have accepted our quote. We will book you at the earliest available schedule.

Do I need to be there during a site inspection?

Our technicians will need complete and safe access to the pool. Ideally, you will be around during the inspection schedule to allow us to discuss our findings or more details on the resurfacing or repair process with you.

Do you offer a variety of pool colours?

Yes. We use Aquaguard. This market-leading product offers a variety of colours to choose from. A colour chart will be emailed to you with the quote.

How long is the resurfacing process?

The pool will be decommissioned for approximately eight days. Weather conditions may affect work accuracy, as dry conditions are required in fibreglass and gel-coat works.

When is the best time to renovate our pool?

The ideal weather condition is critical to achieve the best outcome for any pool resurfacing project. We recommend pool renovations towards the end of spring to summer and early autumn when the suitable temperature and humidity are low. Jobs may be conducted at other times, but delays may occur due to erratic weather conditions.

Can we supply our pool parts?

Yes, you may for as long as the pool part suits your pool. If so, we will be more than happy to install this for you. Installation charges vary. Please discuss your requirements with our friendly team so we can give you more information on our fee.

What are your payment terms?

10% -Upon confirmation of the work commencement date.

40% -Upon completion of stage 1.

50% -Upon completing the full resurfacing.

Do you offer finance?

We’ve partnered with Ausloans to deliver weekly payment plans for as little as $62.00. T&Cs apply. It’s easy to apply. You can apply online before you book your resurfacing project with us. Ausloans’ standard credit approval process will assess your application. For more information and to apply online, please visit