Concrete Pools Resurfacing Service

Resurfacing, renovating or repairing a concrete pool is a complicated job. With our expertise, reliability, high-quality products and equipment, Pools 101 can easily complete this within days. We will not only make the pool more aesthetically appealing but also increase its longevity, lessen its chemical usage and give it a smooth, non-porous surface which allows you to spend less time on maintenance. You can enjoy your pool more whilst relaxing with family and friends.

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Pools 101 are experts in concrete pool resurfacing and renovations in Perth

Over time your concrete pool can start to lose its appeal through regular wear-and-tear and weathering. It can deteriorate overtime which causes it to discolour and develop chips, cracks, spalls and stains. Pools 101’s concrete to fibreglass conversion system is the most practical, reliable and the best option for any type of concrete pool surface. With years of experience delivering concrete pool renovations we have earned the trust of the residents of Perth. Pools 101 will restore your pool to its former glory, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy it for years to come.

As a full-service provider, we can undertake all your pool concrete repair needs before resurfacing, such as skimmer box replacement or repairs, structural and cosmetic crack repairs, and filtration system replacement. Our technicians specialise on both residential and commercial pools and offer concrete pool resurfacing services. It may take our company a little longer than other companies to resurface the pool as we do not cut corners and take time-consuming steps to achieve optimum results.


For reliable and trusted pool resurfacing experts call Pools 101 today


Benefits of converting concrete pools to fibreglass surfaces

There are a multitude of benefits you can achieve from converting a concrete pool to a fibreglass pool conversion. Fibreglass is durable and chemically resistant, far superior to any other surface for swimming pools. Fibreglass is considered to be a more practical option, as in the long run it will be less expensive to maintain.

Some of the other benefits of converting concrete pools into include:

  • Fibreglass has its own structural integrity and flexibility
  • With a smooth gelcoat surface, fibreglass pool coating is easier to manage against the growth of algae
  • Fibreglass pool coating is highly resistant to stains and discolouration
  • Fibreglass is a non-porous coating and therefore easier to clean, brush and vacuum.
  • When choosing fibreglass pool coating, you have access to a vast range of colours and designs

Perth’s residential and commercial property owners have come to Pools 101 for our reliable concrete to fibreglass conversion, pool resurfacing system.

Pools 101 Anti-Slip Coating

We finish each project off with Pools 101 Anti-slip Textured Coating giving you that non-slip and smooth finish which is gentle to the skin. This is a special service only offered by Pools 101 at no additional cost to you.


Pools 101 – non-slip texture

Pools 101 only applies appropriate gelcoat materials by using a specific spray gun with air pressure manipulation to replicate the non-slip texture of the original texture that comes out from the factory. It does not only looks great aesthetically but it’s also serves the purpose as a non-slip surface which does not graze or cut the skin.


Other non-slip products

Other resurfacing companies just sprinkle sand in gelcoats by hand to create a non-slip surface. The pattern is irregular and uneven. The texture is rough and coarse enough to graze/cut a persons skin especially kids as their skin tends to get really soft when swimming for long periods of time.

Warranty on Pool Resurfacing

We offer a 5 year structural warranty (fibreglass structure) and 1 year cosmetic warranty on all concrete pools we resurface with fibreglass.

Pools 101's Highly Trained Technicians Will Take Care of Your Concrete Pool Resurfacing Needs in Perth

If you want reliable and professional concrete pool resurfacing services, concrete pool renovations or concrete pool restoration services in Perth, call our friendly team at Pools 101 today.

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