Commercial Pool Resurfacing

With over 15 years of dedicated service in the pool industry, our skilled team of fibreglass technicians ensures top-quality renovations for your commercial pools. At Pools 101, we’re not just contractors; we’re pool renovation experts who blend craftsmanship with innovative techniques. Our team, known for their high skill and organisation, is committed to delivering exceptional results in commercial pool renovations.

  • Compliant with OH&S Guidelines: Safety is paramount in every project we undertake. Our compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) guidelines reflects our dedication to ensuring a safe and secure environment during and after the pool resurfacing process.
  • Our Expertise in Commercial Pool Resurfacing: Experience matters when it comes to commercial pool resurfacing. Our team’s extensive experience, spanning over a decade and a half, speaks for itself in every project we undertake.
  • Advanced Techniques and Quality Materials: We employ the latest techniques and use market-leading products to ensure your pool not only looks fantastic but lasts longer. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from initial consultation to the final touches.
  • Exclusive Pools 101 Anti-slip Textured Coating: Our unique Pools 101 Anti-slip Textured Coating is a testament to our innovation. This non-slip, skin-friendly finish is offered exclusively by us at no extra cost, ensuring your pool is safe and comfortable for all users.

Accredited and Trusted Commercial Pool Contractors

As an accredited pool renovator member of SPASA, we uphold the highest industry standards. Our accreditation is a badge of trust and excellence in commercial pool resurfacing.

We have a proven track record in commercial pool renovations! Our portfolio of successful projects is a showcase of our expertise. From small commercial pools to large aquatic centres, our renovations speak volumes of our capability and reliability.

MASONIC Care WA Forest Lakes Retirement Village

Forrest Lakes is a retirement community village in Thornlie, containing 121 villas. This charming indoor pool had an existing fibreglass worn-out surface on top of a concrete structured pool. The pool needed extensive work as the worn-out gelcoat on the fibreglass surface had severe osmosis damage. Fibreglass Conversion was completed using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System in a Sapphire Blue finish, with safety yellow strips highlighting safety on the pool’s step and entry points. Now fully resurfaced and perfectly heated, this facility is perfect for physical exercise and socialization for every resident to enjoy all year round.

St Norbert College Queens Park, WA

Located in the heart of Queens Park, St. Norbert College’s pool required major refurbishments which comprised of repairs and renovations. This project included the pool’s catchment with twenty(20) skimmer boxes being repaired and restored, upgrades like the replacement of return jets, and the removal of the floor lane markers as it contradicted the floating separation lanes. It has been repaired to the fullest extent and has been fully converted to a Fibreglass Gelcoat surface using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System in an Athol Blue finish. Completed earlier than scheduled, this remarkable amenity is now a safe, fully renovated, and enjoyable new refurbished pool for the students and the St. Norbert College community to use.

Avena River Apartments Rivervale, WA

Situated in the riverbanks of the Swan River, this challenging project converted a deteriorated, paint-flaking, and rendered concrete structure to a Fibreglass Gel Coat surface. With countless attempts to resolve the leaking pool since its initial installation, the council of owners needed a permanent solution. Now fully resurfaced using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System in Lagoon Blue Colour, this pool’s apartment leaking issue is now resolved and no longer has leaking issues seeping through the basement parking area. Now, the apartment complex is ready for residents to enjoy all year round.

Crystal Brook Caravan Park Orange Grove, WA

Nestled in a semi-rural location at the base of the picturesque Perth Hills, this park’s pool caters for long and short-stay accommodation guests and tourists. The pool has a concrete structure with a rendered surface. The surface was spalling, and several cosmetic and structural cracks caused water leaks in different areas. After years of frequent use, the management required a more permanent, vibrant solution. This project has now been fully refurbished using Fibreglass Conversion with Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System and completed with a customised Non-Slip Surface on the steps, floor and kids’ wading area.

Seabird Caravan Park Williams Way, Seabird, WA

Seabird Caravan Park is a popular holiday and retirement spot halfway between Two Rocks and Lancelin and within the Coastal Town of Gingin. This 10.5-metre pool, with a capacity of 75,000 litres, has a concrete structure and is rendered. Fibreglass Conversion was completed by using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibreglass system. Fully refurbished, this fantastic amenity is now available for all the guests at Seabird and the wider Park community to enjoy.

Dunsborough Green Village Dunsborough, WA

Situated along Resort Drive, Dunsborough Lakes, this lovely 15-metre/145,000-litre pool had a worn-out painted surface on top of a plastered concrete pool. After years of constant use, the council of owners called for a permanent solution for the cracked plaster and leaking pool. This resurfacing project transformed the pool into a well-used facility and gave the pool’s village a new life. This pool has now been fully resurfaced using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System in Sapphire Blue Colour. We completed this project by installing LED lights and customized white strips along the edges of the Non-Slip Surface and all entry points.