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Vinyl Pools Resurfacing Service

Vinyl pool resurfacing, or vinyl pool conversions are often undertaken when vinyl liners experience rips or tears and fading caused by sharp objects, stress from improper installation or wear and tear. To give your pool extra durability and protection, Pools 101 in Perth can remove the vinyl pool liner and resurface it with a new fibreglass coating.

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Why Choose a Vinyl Pool Conversion with Pools 101?

Over time pools can deteriorate due to wear and tear. This results in holes, rips, tears, vinyl fading or sagging of edges. If your pool is experiencing these conditions, then it's time to call Pools 101. Pools 101 can convert your vinyl pool to a fibreglass pool and restore its aesthetic appeal with better durability.


Our vinyl pool repair technicians provide the best resurfacing services on both residential and commercial pools throughout Perth and throughout WA. We offer a complete range of pool repairs and maintenance services, from structural and cosmetic crack repairs to leak detection and fibreglass resurfacing. Our technicians can also replace your filtration system and skimmer box. At Pools 101 we pride ourselves in using premium quality materials. Our fibreglass composites are backed by a comprehensive warranty for your convenience.


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Benefits of Converting your Vinyl Liner Pool to Fibreglass

There are numerous benefits of converting your vinyl liner into fibreglass. Fibreglass is designed and manufactured to withstand impact and weathering more effectively than vinyl so that over time it will still look outstanding with minimal maintenance.


Other benefits of investing in vinyl pool conversion to a fibreglass coating include:

  • A wide variety of colours available
  • Your pool’s chemical balance will remain stable in comparison to other pool surfaces
  • Fibreglass coated pools require fewer chemicals than vinyl lined pools
  • The pool water is warmer all year round, due to the coating providing a thermal barrier between the concrete and water
  • This type of coating has the longest lifespan when compared to other pool surfacing products currently available on the market.


Pools 101 is has earnt a solid reputation of providing the best pool resurfacing, repairs and renovations service in and around Perth, WA. Call us to find out more.

Pools 101 Anti-Slip Coating

We finish each project off with Pools 101 Anti-slip Textured Coating giving you that non-slip and smooth finish which is gentle to the skin. This is a special service only offered by Pools 101 at no additional cost to you.


 Pools 101 – non-slip texture

Pools 101 only applies appropriate gelcoat materials by using a specific spray gun with air pressure manipulation to replicate the non-slip texture of the original texture that comes out from the factory. It does not only looks great aesthetically but it’s also serves the purpose as a non-slip surface which does not graze or cut the skin.


Other non-slip products

Other resurfacing companies just sprinkle sand in gelcoats by hand to create a non-slip surface. The pattern is irregular and uneven. The texture is rough and coarse enough to graze/cut a persons skin especially kids as their skin tends to get really soft when swimming for long periods of time.

Warranty on Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

We offer a 5 year structural warranty and 1 year cosmetic warranty on all fibreglass pools we resurface.

Pools 101's Highly Trained Technicians Will Take Care of Your Vinyl Pool Resurfacing Needs in Perth

We have experienced pool technicians available with fully equipped service vehicles to provide you with a customised solution for your residential or commercial vinyl to fibreglass pool conversion needs. Call us now for a comprehensive quote!

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