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Expert Concrete Pool Resurfacing and Repairs in Perth

If you’re looking for the best concrete pool resurfacing and repairs in Perth, look no further than Pools 101. Our pool expert technicians specialise in residential and commercial pools, and we offer reliable and professional services that are second to none. Contact us today for a free quote and see why we’re the leading company for concrete pool resurfacing in Perth using fibreglass conversion.

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Converting Your Concrete Pool to Fibreglass

Converting a concrete pool to a fiberglass one is an intricate process that can breathe new life into your old pool, making it more durable, easier to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. Pools 101 can convert your concrete pool in 4 simple steps.

  1. Initial Assessment and Planning

    The first step in converting your concrete pool to fiberglass is a thorough assessment. This crucial phase involves inspecting the pool’s structure to ensure its integrity and suitability for conversion. Pools 101 will examine the pool for cracks, leaks, and other signs of wear that could affect the conversion process.

  2. Preparing Your Concrete Pool

    The pool is first drained completely, followed by a thorough cleaning to remove algae, bacteria, and any debris. The concrete surface is then inspected for damage. Any cracks or imperfections are repaired to create a smooth base for the fiberglass. This may involve sanding down rough areas or filling in cracks with a suitable filler.

  3. Applying the Fiberglass

    Once the pool is prepared, the application of the fiberglass begins. This process starts with the application of a resin layer to the pool’s surface, which acts as a base for the fiberglass matting. The fiberglass matting is then laid over the resin, and another layer of resin is applied on top. This process is repeated until the desired thickness is achieved.

  4. Application of Pools 101 Non-Slip Coating and Quality Checks

    The final step in the conversion process is applying a non-slip gelcoat over the fiberglass. This coat provides a non-slip texture, and aesthetically pleasing finish and acts as a protective layer against UV rays, chemicals, and physical wear.
    After the gel coat application, thorough quality checks are conducted. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring the surface is evenly coated, and inspecting for any imperfections in the finish.

Benefits of Fibreglass Surfaces for Concrete Pools – Fibreglass Conversion

At Pools 101, we use AQUAGUARD®FIBRETECH materials to resurface concrete pools, providing a durable, chemical-resistant, cost-effective solution perfect for Perth’s harsh climate.

Durability and Chemical Resistance

Fibreglass surfaces using Aquaguard® Fibretech are known for their durability and chemical resistance, making them ideal for concrete pool resurfacing in Perth. They can withstand years of use and exposure to harsh elements.

Structural Integrity and Flexibility

Fibreglass surfaces offer excellent structural integrity and flexibility, making them a long-lasting solution for protecting your pool against cracks and leaks. They can expand and contract with changing temperatures, ensuring your pool remains in good condition for years.

Practicality and Cost-effectiveness

Fibreglass surfaces are a practical and cost-effective solution for concrete pool resurfacing. They require minimal maintenance, reducing the overall cost of pool refurbishment. Additionally, they can be applied efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your newly resurfaced pool in just a few days.

Smooth and Stain-resistant Gelcoat Surface

The smooth and stain-resistant gelcoat surface of fibreglass surfaces makes them easy to clean and maintain. They are also resistant to staining, making them an ideal choice for pool owners who want a surface that looks great and is easy to keep clean.

Non-porous Coating for Easy Maintenance

Fibreglass surfaces feature a non-porous coating that resists algae and other unwanted growth, making them easy to maintain. You can spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying yourself with your family.

You can enjoy all these benefits by choosing Pools 101 for your concrete pool resurfacing needs in Perth. Our swimming pool expert technicians use the latest fibreglass technology to deliver high-quality outcomes within days. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Pools 101 Anti-Slip Coating

Pools 101 only applies appropriate gelcoat materials by using a specific spray gun with air pressure manipulation to replicate the non-slip texture of the original texture from the factory. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, it serves the purpose of a non-slip surface and, unlike other non-slip products, significantly reduces the risk of grazing or cutting a person’s skin.

Other Non-Slip Products

Other resurfacing companies just hand sprinkle sand in gel coats to create a non-slip surface. The pattern is irregular and uneven. The texture is rough and coarse enough to graze/cut a person’s skin, especially kids, as their skin tends to become really soft when swimming for long periods.

Pools 101 – Non-Slip Texture
Other Non-Slip Products

Full-Service Provider for Concrete Pool Repairs

At Pools 101, we’re a full-service provider for all your concrete pool repair needs. Whether you need structural and cosmetic crack repairs, our team of resurfacing experts has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We understand the importance of a well-loved pool and are committed to providing reliable and professional services that exceed your expectations.

Warranty on Pool Resurfacing

We’re proud to offer a five-year structural warranty on all fibreglass structures we install and a one-year cosmetic/surface warranty on all resurfaced pools. We stand behind our work and are committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

Perth’s Experts in Concrete-to-Fibreglass Resurfacing Conversions

Service Areas

Whether in the heart of the Perth Metropolitan area or its surrounding suburbs, Pools 101 can provide outstanding services in concrete-to-fibreglass resurfacing conversions. With over fifteen years of experience in the WA swimming pool industry, Pools 101 is committed to strictly using top-quality products and equipment to produce unmatched outcomes. We’re here to help, so contact us today for a free quote and see why we’re the leading and most trusted in concrete pool resurfacing and repairs in Perth, WA.

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