Vinyl to Fibreglass Conversion

Vinyl Pool to Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing – Fibreglass Conversion

Pools 101 offers premium vinyl pool resurfacing and repair services throughout Perth and Western Australia for residential and commercial pools. Pools 101 specialises in fibreglass conversion on a vinyl-lined concrete pool. The objective is to make a new fibreglass pool on top of the concrete pool surface instead of a vinyl-liner replacement. The fibreglass coating and layers of gelcoat will be applied on top of the existing concrete surface. Fibreglass conversion is superior and a practical option regarding cost in future maintenance.

Vinyl Pool Resurfacing and Conversion

Vinyl pools may deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, causing rips, tears, fading, and sagging of edges. At Pools 101, we offer vinyl to fibreglass pool resurfacing. It is designed to withstand impact and weathering more effectively than vinyl liners. Our technicians can remove the old vinyl liner and resurface it with a new fibreglass coating, giving your pool extra durability and protection. Fibreglass-coated pools require fewer chemicals and maintain a stable chemical balance compared to other pool surfaces.

Why Choose Pools 101 for Vinyl Pool Resurfacing?

At Pools 101, we pride ourselves on using premium quality materials, Aquagurd®Fibretech, for all our pool resurfacing and repair projects. Our fibreglass composites are backed by a comprehensive warranty for your convenience. We have experienced and highly trained pool technicians with fully equipped service vehicles to provide a customised solution for your residential or commercial vinyl-to-fibreglass pool conversion needs. We are the most trusted company in resurfacing and repair services in Perth.

Our expert technicians can provide structural and cosmetic crack repairs to restore the beauty and functionality of your swimming pool. We use premium quality materials Aquagurd®Fibretech, and advanced techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

Fibreglass Resurfacing

Pools 101 can convert your vinyl pool into a fibreglass-coated pool for increased durability and aesthetic appeal. Fibreglass-coated pools are designed and manufactured to withstand impact and weathering more effectively than vinyl liners, requiring minimal maintenance.

Benefits of Converting Your Vinyl Liner Pool to Fibreglass

In addition to better durability, converting your vinyl liner pool to fibreglass coating has numerous benefits. Fibreglass-coated pools offer a wide variety of colours. The pool water is warmer all year round due to the coating providing a thermal barrier between the concrete and water. This type of coating has the most extended lifespan compared to other pool surfacing products currently available on the market.

Pools 101 Anti-Slip Coating

Application for edge-beam, steps, swim-out, safety ledge, floor and kids’ wading area.


Pools 101 – Non-Slip Texture

Pools 101 only applies appropriate gelcoat materials by using a specific spray gun with air pressure manipulation to replicate the non-slip texture of the original texture from the factory. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, it serves the purpose of a non-slip surface and, unlike other non-slip products, significantly reduces the risk of grazing or cutting a person’s skin.


Other non-slip products

Other resurfacing companies just hand sprinkle sand in gel coats to create a non-slip surface. The pattern is irregular and uneven. The texture is rough and coarse enough to graze/cut a person’s skin, especially kids, as their skin tends to become really soft when swimming for long periods.

Warranty on Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

We offer a 5-year structural and 1-year cosmetic warranty on all fibreglass pools we resurface. Trust Pools 101 for Perth’s best vinyl pool resurfacing and repair services.

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Call Pools 101 for a free comprehensive quote if your vinyl pool needs fibreglass conversion. Our highly trained technicians can provide a customised solution for your vinyl-to-fibreglass pool conversion needs. Pools 101 is the most trusted vinyl pool resurfacing and repair service in Perth and Western Australia.

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